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Amy Ames: Bio

Amy Ames started her rise in the music industry in 2011 with her song, “No Beer Here,” being picked up and played in over 1,000 main radio stations in the USA alone along with countless other radio stations around the globe.  In 2014 she recorded her 6th album at the legendary Burn’s Recording Studio in Nashville.  She has had 11 hits on the CMR’s Nashville Top 40. 

Texas singer/songwriter Amy Ames’ songs are so catchy even the barnyard critters dance along.  Yes, she writes her own songs.

Currently, Amy is on her World Tour joining France’s 2011 “Album of the Year” Winner of the Arrow, Jean-Luc Leroux.  Today, the collaboration CD Amy worked on with Jean-Luc titled, “Songs on the Road” is nominated for an Arrow for Album of the Year 2013 in France making it Amy’s first supportive nomination with Jean-Luc’s second nomination. 

Ames is in the middle of recording her 7th full album while on tour in France, Nashville and New Mexico with some of the most talented country musicians in the world playing tracks on it.  Besides, touring and working on her album, Amy has a country radio show on Route 66 called, “Amy’s Corner,” at Radio Rhythm Blue in New Caledonia that draws in over 25,000 listeners every Saturday at 4:00 PM.               

Ames was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota and graduated from Duluth East High School. She went on to college to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, where she graduated cum laude. After graduating, she moved to Texas to live with her grandmother.  Amy’s granny loved to sing at the local bars in the Rio Grande Valley and would take Amy along.  It wasn’t long before a neighbor called Amy’s father and reported her for staying out till the cows came home with her grandma.  Upon being shocked, her father insisted she move back to Minnesota!  But it was too late.  Amy was in love with a Texas man by the Rio Grande.  They married and had a daughter and 2 sons.

Initially, Ames and her daughter, Jackie Martinez, started writing zany commercials together, which were later formed into songs. After writing songs and recording, Ames titled her first upbeat effort, You Bug Me, Honey!, which has earned her the crown of “Country Music’s Funniest Woman.” Her second project reflects on her own personal journey, All God's Children Living with Autism, which shares the joys and challenges of raising a child with autism. Her autistic son, Sam, started composing classical music at the age of 10 and is now finishing up his own classical music CD.  Ames’ third CD, self titled Amy Ames, got the attention of Nashville by quickly moving to the No.1 position on the Global Americana Charts in July of 2011 with the most radio downloads.  She then followed with her fourth CD titled, “Do Drop In.”

Amy has had 11 hit songs on The CMR’s Nashville Top 40 and on Stuart Cameron’s Hotdisc Top 30 TV Show which includes her popular Swedish line dance tune, “Bedroom Blues,” that earned her a royalty check.  Amy entered the CMR Hotdisc Top 40 Charts for the 1st time with her song, “No Beer Here” on Sept, 28, 2011 at No. 38 and moved up to No. 27 on Oct. 2, 2011.  The following month on Nov. 6, 2011, she again entered the charts at No. 28 with “Bedroom Blues,” and it peeked at No. 21.  Three other songs entered the charts in 2012 with limited success:  3 Boyfriends, I Love Beer Bellies and Woke Up in Alaska.  Then in April of 2013 Amy leaped onto the charts entering at No. 14 with “Do Drop In” where it stayed for 8 continuous weeks.   Another of her catchy tongue and cheek songs, “Love Handles,” followed for 7 weeks peeking at No. 17.  Then at the start of 2014 Ames had her biggest hit to date on the Top 40 with “My Friend.”  “My Friend” stayed on the charts from Jan. 12, 12014 to Mar. 2, 2014.  It was followed by “New Life” for 4 weeks after that.   

Also on the European Charts, Amy's comical song, "Holy Balls" had the No. 1 spot on Country & Western Music Radio Show (CMA Member) Radio Beiaard 106.3 FM. Presented by Al Van Dam on Nov. 26, 2011 and followed it with her Christmas song, “Santa’s Littlest Elf (Has Autism)” at No. 5 on Dec. 5th, 2011.