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Amy Ames: Links

Facebook Fan Site for Amy Ames

If you enjoy Amy's song, please let her know on Facebook.  

Amy Ames' Band Facebook Site

Please join Amy Ames and her band, "Jean-Luc Leroux & Co." by clicking on the "Like" button.  Thank you.

Amy's Twitter

Please add Amy's Twitter to get the latest updates on touring and charts.  Thank you.

Amy's Instagram Site

Click here for Ames' Instagram Site

ReverbNation Site

Amy's artist friends are at this site by clicking here.

Amy's YouTube Videos
Preview Amy Ames' 7th Album Now Open to Radio Stations

Upcoming album, "On My Way," now open with 1 song out of 12 (“Stepped Off the Northbound Train”) to Airplay Direct Radio Station Members only.


Radio Station Download Site for Amy's 3rd CD

Airplay Radio Station Members can download Amy's 3rd CD here that include:

Amy's biggest radio download line dance hits, "Bedroom Blues" and "Skinny & Fatty"

Amy's comedy song, "Holy Balls" that had the No. 1 spot on Country & Western Radio Show (CMA Member) Radio Baiaard 106.3

Amy's heart felt songs, "I Miss Minnesota" and "Butterfly High"

Amy's Radio Download Site for her 5th CD: Do Drop In

"Do Drop In" is Amy's 5th studio CD created in L.A.  This album had over 200 downloads the first week.  It consists of Ames big hits, "No Beer Here" and "Do Drop In"  It also includes Amy's big concert favorites, "I Love Beer Bellies" and "Love Handles."  We can't forget her big CMR Nashville Top 40 hit, "My Friend.

Amy's Best Songs:

1.  No Beer Here

2.  Love Handles

3.  My Friend

4.  I Love Beer Bellies

5.  Do Drop In

6.  The Jeepers

Amy's Facebook Fan Page
MP3 Site at iTunes
MP3 Site at CDBaby

Purchase Amy's Songs

Amy on European Charts
Photographer for Amy's CD

Jenny Hollis is an award winning photographer in Mission, Texas.  She photographed and designed Amy's 3rd, 4th and 5th CD Covers.   

Amy's Website Address