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Amy Ames: Music

Swing, Swinging

(Amy Ames)
Amy Ames


*****TAXI critiqued the album, "You Bug Me Honey," 5 STARS

TAXI's Song and Demo Feedback of the song titled, "Swing, Swinging"

Amy.....You had me already when I picked up the tape with a fresh title!!! Fun and catchy song. Toe tappin time. This is a fun party song. ***** Rated: 5 Stars TAXI

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Check it out at:

This was one of the first songs that I wrote.  It's on my very first album, "You Bug Me, Honey!"

Swing, Swinging  written by Amy Ames

He rode his Harley into the living room

Turned on football and went, "Varoom."

When he was done, we went for a ride,

but you can't make love on the back of a bike.

So we went swing swinging, slide sliding,

spin spinning around on the marry-go-round

laugh laughing, romance romancing down on the playground.


(Rest is coming soon!)