Amy Ames Holds 12th on the HOTDISC TOP 40

The Hotdisc Top 40 

April 21, 2013

This is a list of the Top 40 Most Popular Songs released on the Rush Released promotional CD. Each week DJs and media people who receive Rush Released send back their reaction sheets where they are given the chance to rate every song. This chart is exclusively for clients of the Rush Released CD. The chart is published weekly here, and also in Country Music People, Country Music & Dance, Country Routes and Southern Country magazines. 

01 Only One George Jones BILLY YATES

02 Those Jeans RAY SCOTT


04 Mexico WOOD & WIRE

05 Too Drunk To Drive CHUCK HANCOCK

06 The Grass Ain't All That's Blue BART CONNELL

07 One More For The Road TIM CULPEPPER

08 Right Person At The Right Time HAYLEY OLIVER BAND

09 Crazy Arms LANA GIBSON

10 Two Places At Once FRANK ORTEGA

11 Stone Rollin' Home SONNY WALTERS BAND

12 Do Drop In AMY AMES

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