Amy Ames' "World Tour 2016"

World Tour 2016

May 28th  -  June 24th   New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia and the South Pacific.  30th Anniversary of RRB Radio/TV Station and 2nd Anniversary of Amy's Corner with over 45,000 listeners.  

July 23rd  -   Aug. 23rd Europe:  Germany, France and Switzerland

Sept. 15   -   Oct. 23rd IBMA's in Raleigh, North Carolina and Nashville, TN




OFF ON TOUR!!!! Good morning & sending a big Texas hug!!!!
Hope you can join me for a big weekend coming up in Nashville!!!
Saturday, Feb. 7th, for the 3rd time on the Viva NashVegas Radio Show with George Hamilton IV
Sunday, Feb. 8th, for my 2nd appearance at the Antique Archeology (the American Pickers TV Show Store) American Picker on the History Channel
Sunday, Feb. 8th, the place to jam in downtown Nashville, Station Inn.

OFF ON TOUR!!!! Good morning & sending you a big Texas hug!!!! Here is my tentative schedule.  

June 12th     Frankfurt, Germany

June 13th - July 1st  Paris, France Concert and Recording

July 3rd Netherlands            The Free Country Radio Show (2nd Time)

July 8th - July 15th North Carolina Radio Show with Ms. Bluegrass (2nd Time)

July 18th   Nashville Viva NashVegas Radio Show with George Hamilton V (4th Time)

July 19th         Nashville   Antique Archaeology (American Pickers TV Show Store)(3rd Time)

July 18th - July 26th Nashville Station Inn Jam (My local hangout)

July 27th - Aug. 1st Denver, CO Concerts  (1st Time)

Aug. 1st  - Aug. 4th Santa Fe, NM Recording/Music Video   (3rd Time)

Aug. 5th - Aug. 11th  New York

Aug. 12th - Aug. 15th Dallas, TX

Nov. 13th - Nov. 15th New Zealand

Nov. 16th Radio Show in New Caledonia RRB

Nov. 17th  South Pacific


(Note: TV Shows, Radio Shows, Recording Sessions & Interviews still need to be added)

These dates are subject to change depending on further bookings.  To schedule Amy Ames at an event, please contact Jean-Luc Leroux at (





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