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12 November 2011  

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E-Mails From Community Leaders

E-Mails from Leaders:


Hi Amy, Paul Cimins commented on his link. Paul wrote: "Thank You So Much Amy I want to get your new song on our show for the Holidays I think it's wonderful.Your An Extremely Talented Country Singer."


Santa's Littlest Elf has Autism goes Gobal

The song, “Santa’s Littlest Elf has Autism,” by Amy Ames and James Martinez will be going out to over 2,600 radio stations around the world.  Amy is on a mission to raise monies for local Autism/Asperger’s groups with CD sales…


Partial List (USA) Radio Stations

E Extra 1-5 Spins L Light 6-15 Spins M Medium 16-29 Spins H Heavy 30+ Call Letters State    Market City WINL-FM AL 30 mi. from Tuscaloosa  /DEMOPOLIS Demopolis WKEA-FM AL Huntsville / SCOTTSBORO Scottsboro WKLD-FM AL Oneonta Oneonta WKUL-FM AL …

100 Reactions from Europe's Most Influential DJ's

Hi Amy
I am delighted to be able to send you your 100 reactions for your track on Hotdisc.  I hope you find the comments useful and constructive. 
The ratings are marked as follows...

10 Excellent; 8 Very Good…


Dominating The Charts July 2011

APD Global Radio Indicator Charts ™
  • Top 50 APD Americana / AAA Albums - July 2011 (as of 8:02am Thursday, July 14th 2011)
Result Image Track Name Downloads Creds 1   Amy Ames 312 10 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX) 2 …

#3 Album on APD Global Radio Chart

On the APD Global Radio Indicator Chart of the Top 50 Albums for Thursday, June 30th, is Amy Ames.  Scroll down to see the top 50.  And it's Amy's 1st day out.

APD Global Radio Indicator Charts ™

  • Top 50…

#11 on the TOP 50 Charts

Scroll down to see that 85 Airplay Direct Radio Station Members have downloaded Amy's album thus far, which puts her at # 11 today on AirPlay Direct's Top-50 Albums Chart.  Congratulations!   Cheers! Kacey Jones

Wow!!! Out of Nashville

"No Beer Here," the new single by Amy Ames, has been released nationally and globally to Country and Americana radio stations!  AirPlay Direct Radio Station Members can download "No Beer Here" and the rest of  Amy's new album entitled, "I

Merry Christmas

To my relatives in England and in Ireland, may I say, "Merry Christmas." 

To my friends and family in Mexico may I say, Felic Navidad."

To my relatives I've never met in Germany, may I say, "Froliche Weihnachten! Frohe Weihnachten!