1. Butterfly High

From the recording Butterfly High

I wrote this song from a story a friend of mine told me.  He had been married over 20 years and still gets butterflies when he's with his wife.  
The tongue twister on the bridge came very natural for me to write.  I love tongue twisters.   


Butterfly High 
Strolling through the meadow next to the lake.
We followed the butterflies through the sun's rays. 
We walked hand and hand, till the moon lit the bay. 
Every time I smiled, he reached out and grabbed a wave.  
When the lake was calm moonlight off the reeds,
he gave me the waves to keep.  
He watched me as I fell asleep,
waves jazzed around me in my dreams. 
As I awake before the sun did bare,                                                                      
 to feel the waves in his brown hair. 
Every time a see a butterfly flutter by, I remember my first butterfly high. 
Flutter, flutter, flutter by butterfly high.  Flutter, flutter, flutter, by butterfly high.