Amy Ames Do Drop In It's nice to know that country hasn't forgotten its sense of humor And, trust me, you have GOT to listen... It is a complete hoot. Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine Amy's new release, "Do Drop In," is chocked full of her signature humor that even barnyard critters will want to dance to! Amy Ames CD Cover With most of the tracks square dancing and two stepping around the subjects of beer bellies, love handles and women who talk too much when they drink, you can't help but smile. A most unexpected gem here is the acoustic track "My Friend." With a touch of AC in the mix, Amy's wonderful voice slides into the harmonic chorus like a veteran of the genre. With a fun "tequila drinking" song, Mariachi style, to close out the CD, Amy brings us her view of the world, with tongue in cheek... so do drop in and give it a listen.” - Abby Montgomery

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Amy Ames # 11 Country & Western Music Radio Show  Radio Beiaard 106.3 FM      Presented by Al Van Dam 12 November 2011   Live stream via     E-mail: and Urbain Van Geerteruy CMA Member                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1)1)- Marty Rivers – Midnight sky  ( Hillcrest – 61 ) + radio liner 2)- Donna Cunningham – Made in TX 3)- Stephanie McIlroy – Forever  ( cdTEX ) 4)- Frank Jennings – Matamoros  ( Hotdisc – 155 -  + liner 5)- LeAnne King – In your arms again this Xmas  ( Hillrest – 61 ) 6)- David Frizzell feat Amy Clawson & Jonathan Frizzell – It’ll be alright  ( BSW ) + liner 7)- Lee Roy Parnell – We all get lucky sometimes  ( Career – 1996 ) 8)- Wynona – Tell me why   ( Curb ) 2000 9)- Chrystal Gayle – Make a dream come true  ( U.A. – 1977 ) 10)- Rachel Cain – Moon over Memphis  ( Jagar ) 11)- Amy Ames – Bedroom Blues  ( Hotdisc – 155 ) – CMA awards radio liner 12)- Taylor Swift -  Mean  ( Big Machine ) CMA Awards liner 13)- The Band Perry – If I die young  ( Republc Nashville )  + CMA Awards liner 14)- Toni West – Old photographs 15)- Downtown Mystic – Backdoor  ( AGR-Television records )  + liner 16)- Doug Bruce – Coffey road 17)- Kenny Chesney & Grace Potter – You and tequila  ( BNA ) + Grace Potter interview 18)- Clay Dustin – I’ll take that job Johnny Paycheck shoved  ( cdx – 529 ) 19)- The Kat Moore Band – Shadows  ( cdTEX )  + liner 20)- Erin Duvall – Speak for me  ( cdx- 532 )” - Al Van Dam

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Airplay Direct Amy Ames No. 1   APD Global Radio Indicator Charts Top 50 APD Americana / AAA Albums - July 2011 (as of 8:02am Thursday, July 14th 2011 Result Image Track Name Downloads Creds 1   Amy Ames 312 10 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX) 2   Jessica Stiles - The Latest Stiles 241 8 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 3   Charlie Roth 230 11 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Minnesota (MN) 4   Roz Brown 222 11 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Colorado (CO) 5   Earl Parker - Rock & Roll Cowboy 122 11 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:California (CA) 6   Angela Easterling 100 10 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:South Carolina (SC) 7   John Gaar 100 2 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX) 8   Tim & Savannah Finch with The Eastman String Band 92 15 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Maryland (MD) 9   Larry Cordle 78 78 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 10   Red Dirt Rangers - Ranger Motel - Luna Chica Records 56 39 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Oklahoma (OK) 11   Stephen Foster & Howler "Howl At The Moon" 51 8 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Florida (FL) 12   Twistable Turnable Man - Shel SilversteinTribute 48 60 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 13   Asleep At The Wheel 46 42 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Texas (TX) 14   Yarn Leftovers Volume 1 40 8 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:New York (NY) 15   Rob Lytle 38 2 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Massachusetts (MA) 16   Whitney Wolanin 1 37 4 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Florida (FL) 17   The Malpass Brothers 37 26 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:North Carolina (NC) 18   Amy Black 36 19 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Massachusetts (MA) 19   Stephen Foster & Howler "Demo Blues" 28 2 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Florida (FL) 20   Steeldrivers 27 63 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 21   Americana 441 24 7 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Georgia (GA) 22   The Black Lillies 23 6 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 23   Brian Molnar and the Naked Hearts-Of The Fall 22 11 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:New Jersey (NJ) 24   The Western Swing Authority 22 21 Location: AMERICA NORTH: Canada:Ontario 25   Chip Taylor Carrie Rodriguez 20 35 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:New York (NY) 26   Pure Grain - Sowing Seeds 20 22 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Indiana (IN) 27   Don Whitcher 19 3 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Arizona (AZ) 28   Rick Malis 17 3 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Pennsylvania (PA) 29   A Tribute To The Unsung Heroes of Rock N' Roll 16 12 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:New York (NY) 30   Abigail Washburn - City Of Refuge 16 33 Location: UNKNOWN (not entered) 31   Audrey Auld 14 55 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 32   Americana Media Productions Sampler 14 13 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Pennsylvania (PA) 33   Loney Hutchins 14 29 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 34   The Local Strangers 14 1 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Washington (WA) 35   Randy Kohrs - Quicksand 14 24 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 36   Songlines Ltd. 14 130 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 37   Mary Beth Cross 14 14 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Colorado (CO) 38   Elizabeth Cook 14 68 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 39   Roosta Records 14 7 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Missouri (MO) 40   Roger Salloom Music 14 2 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Massachusetts (MA) 41   John Mellencamp 13 129 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Massachusetts (MA) 42   Del McCoury Band and Preservation Hall Jazz Band 13 95 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 43   JANN BROWNE 13 3 Location: UNKNOWN (not entered) 44   Brian Ashley Jones 12 10 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 45   Rosanne Cash - The List 12 95 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 46   Songs of Fox Hollow 12 36 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Tennessee (TN) 47   Brett Ryan - Salvation Radio 12 12 Location: AMERICA NORTH: Canada:Nova Scotia 48   Carly Jamison 12 1 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:New York (NY) 49   Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers 12 1 Location: UNKNOWN (not entered) 50   The Boxcar Lilies - Heartwood 11 23 Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA:Massachusetts (MA)    © 2005-2011 AirPlay Direct. All rights reserved. ” - Kasey Jones/Abby Montgomery

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I'm happy to report that "No Beer Here" got a great review today from country music's toughest and most respected critic, Robert K. Oermann.  His review column, "DISClaimer" appears weekly in Music Row Magazine, one of the most prestigious magazines in country music.  Robert Oermann receives over 200 singles a week to review so, the fact that he not only listened to yours but also gave it some good INK is a great feather in your cap as a songwriter!  It's also a feather in the cap for Eddie as a record producer. So, Congrats, you two...ya done good!   Scroll down to read and also see the attached PDF of the actual review section of Music Row Magazine.   Cheers! Kacey Jones     DISClaimer Single ReviewsRobert K. Oermann • August 3, 2011It’s nice to know that country hasn’tforgotten its sense of humor.Reckless Kelly’s “Good Luck & True Love”made me smile because of its cleverness.Sam Roark found me grinning from ear toear with her merry “Check Out Girl.” BuddyJewell had me openly chuckling from hisperformance of “Jesus, Elvis & Me.” And,trust me, you have GOT to listen to “NoBeer Here” by Amy Ames. It is a completehoot. AMY AMES/No Beer HereWriter: Amy Ames; Producer: Eddie Hedges; Publisher: Amy Ames/Eddie Hedges, BMI; Grand Channel (CDX) (—This toe tapper has zippy fiddling, dandy banjo plunking and hilarious backup men practically burping their lines. The whole thing is so goofy and zany that it doesn’t even matter that she can just barely sing. Must be heard to be believed.     ” - Robert K. Oermann

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Amy Ames: ALBUM of the MONTH Rudy Minnaert does the weekly country show at "The Free Country Eagle" at Terneuzen FM in the Netherlands. He's been playing Amy's album, "Do Drop In" and even posted a fabulous write up about it on the radio web site.” - Rudy Minnaert Radio Host

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YES!!!!!!!! AMY AMES NO#14 ON THE TOP 40 WITH HER SONG, "DO DROP IN" The Hotdisc Top 40 7 April 2013 This is a list of the Top 40 Most Popular Songs. The chart is published weekly here, and also in Country Music People, Country Music & Dance, Country Routes and Southern Country magazines. 01 Only One George Jones BILLY YATES 02 Those Jeans RAY SCOTT 03 The Grass Ain't All That's Blue BART CONNELL 04 Shoes STEPHANIE JANSEN 05 Mexico WOOD & WIRE 06 Crazy Arms LANA GIBSON 07 Too Drunk To Drive CHUCK HANCOCK 08 Roses From A Stranger FRANK IFIELD 09 One More For The Road TIM CULPEPPER 10 Johanna BOBBY MACKEY 11 Love Story Of The Year LAWRENCE JOHN PROJECT 12 Butterfly LIZZIE SIDER 13 Hope On The Rocks TOBY KEITH 14 NEW Do Drop In AMY AMES  ” - Stuart Cameron

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Hello and welcome to yet another Bulls Country Jukebox. Today there is all kinds of songs with a variety of diverse artists, we have 3 cds to raffle. and of course .... I Per Orion berg presents it all and music.. keep I almost forgot:-)Join now at 11.00 and 19.00 today Friday or via your mobile!001 Buddy Jewell and Bill Engvall-I'm A Cowboy 002 Jannecke-Cowboy Cowboy 003 Gretchen Wilson-Still Rollin' 004 Armadillo Road-Good Times My Son Brian Letton-005 006 Steve Scott-Rocky Top 007 Trailer park Idlers-Will We Ever Find It Back 008 Mark Bender-Next To The Moon 009 KerryLee Manuel-Tissue For Your Issue 010 The Western Swing Authority--I've Got A Feelin' 011 TJ Broscoff-This Is The Torque 012 Amy Ames-Bedroom Blues 013 Brian Sklar & The Tex Pistols-Uncle pen” - Chis Ledoux 2 Oktober 1948 – 9 Mars 2005

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Love Handles" moves up to No. 22 on the The Hotdisc Top 40 26 May 2013 This is a list of the Top 40 Most Popular Songs released at CMR. 22 Love Handles AMY AMES 29 Do Drop In AMY AMES   ” - Stuart Cameron "Up-Country Magazine"

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RADIO HOSTS around the globe react to AMY AMES" song, "My Friend," as it continues for the 7th straight week on the CMR's Nashville HOTDISC TOP 40!! John Craven, BCM Radio, England (((10))) Yes MagnificentJune Williams, KHBW Radio, USA (((10))) Yes Wow – well done AmyLucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, Belgium (((10))) Yes Excellent songAbel Stel, Radio Nashville, Holland (((10))) Yes Exceptional trackGraham McLeod, Black Diamond FM Radio, Scotland (((10))) Yes Excellent song, voice is greatKurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria (((10))) Yes Excellent acoustic song, interesting voiceSandy Watt, Waves Radio, England 9 Yes Oh yes!Pietro Scazzola, Radio Gold, Italy 9 Yes High standardSean Green, Shine FM Radio, Ireland 8 Yes Love this lady, pure classPaul West, Hope FM Radio, England 9 Yes Great stuffRay James, Somer Valley FM, England 8 Yes Fine piece of workAndrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia 8 Yes Honest balladNicole Trudel, Paltok Radio, Canada 8 Yes Great songThe ratings are marked as follows...10 Excellent; 8 Very Good; 6 Good; 4 Fair; 2 Below Average.The chart is published weekly here, and also in Country Music People, Country Music & Dance, Country Routes and Southern Country magazines.For the country version: hear Amy Ames' song, "My Friend" see the CMR Top 40 Chart for Feb. 27, 2014:” - Stuart Cameron

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WORLD FAME Hits Amy Ames as DJ's Around The World React to her latest song, "New Life" DJ, Radio Station, Country and Comment about Amy Ames’s song, “New Life” Steve Snelling, Radio Hafren, UK "10"  Love Amy Ames - great track Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK  Another strong and pleasing song from Amy who always makes  an impression with her original material. Another hit song from  a very popular artist. Maurice Hope, Rock n Reel magazine, UK  Light and breezy, Ames draws on her experience as a performer  and aided by fine mandolin, rhythm section, harmonica and fitting steel guitar makes this a winner! Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM, UK  Amy is so charming – always a delight to have her on Hotdisc. Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark  I always play Amy! Alan Potter, Tempo FM, UK  I am an Ames fan!!! Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria "10" Very interesting, excellent song Rene Hoffman, Country Radio, Switzerland "10"  Al Field, Triple U FM, Australia "10" Pretty track June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA "10" First class effort Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK Great sound Rein Wortelboer, Peelgrass Radio, Holland This is great Friedrich Hog, Radio Free FM, Germany Excellent Nicole Trudel, Paltak Radio, Canada Good song Martin Van Der Laan, Radio Compagnie, Holland Like it a lot Alan Staniland, Radio Warrington, UK Great track Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM, Belgium Very good Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania Clear voice, unobtrusive backing Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium Very Good, nice voice Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland Very nice, easy listening music                                                                         Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz, Germany  One of many great songs this month” - 100 DJ's Around the World

— CMR Hotdisc Top 40