(Celebrating 7 Years Touring the Globe)

Jan.  11               Concert with Caldoband in New Caledonia

Jan. 17                Concert with Caldoband in New Caledonia

Jan. 18                Concert with Caldoband in New Caledonia

Jan. 25                LIVE Route 66 "Amy's Corner" with Jean-Luc

At WWW.RRB.NC  100.4 , 99.0, 103.5, 101.5

Jan. 30                Kiwigrass Festival in New Zealand

Feb. 1                  Kiwigrass Festival in New Zealand

Feb. 2                  Kiwigrass Festival in New Zealand

Feb. 8                  Amy’s Radio Show

Feb. 15               Amy’s Radio Show

Feb. 22               Amy’s Radio Show

Feb. 29               Amy’s Radio Show

Mar. 12               Nashville, TN

Mar. 14               Franklin, TN

Mar. 21               Amy’s Radio Show

Mar. 28               Amy’s Radio Show

Apr. 4                 Amy’s Radio Show

Apr. 11               Amy’s Radio Show

Apr. 18               Amy’s Radio Show

Apr. 25               Amy’s Radio Show

May 2        New Zealand

May 9        New Caledonia

May 16      South Pacific (to be announced)

May 23      South Pacific

May 30      South Pacific

June 6        Radio Show

June 13      TV/Radio Show New Caledonia

June 20      Radio Show

June 27      Radio Show

Amy’s European Schedule for July 25 – August 11

Saturday, July 25                 Frankfurt, Germany

Saturday, July 25                 Paris, France

Sunday, July 26                   Paris, France

Monday, July 27                  Leave for Bordeaux

Tuesday, July 28                  Bordeaux, France

Wednesday, July 29             Bordeaux, France

Thursday, July 30                Leave for Sarlat

Friday, July 31                     Sarlat, France

Saturday, Aug. 1                  Leave for Craponne

Sunday, Aug. 2                     Craponne, France

Monday, Aug. 3                   Leave for La Roche

Tuesday, Aug. 4                   La Roche Festival

Wednesday, Aug. 5              La Roche Festival

Thursday, Aug. 6                 La Roche Sur Foron

Friday, Aug. 7                       La Roche Sur Foron, France

Saturday, Aug. 8                 Geneva, Switzerland

Sunday, Aug. 9                     Paris, France

Monday, Aug. 10                 Paris, France

Tuesday, Aug. 11                 Disneyland Paris 


Amy’s South Pacific Schedule

Aug. 12 - Aug. 14       New Zealand

Aug. 15                        Australia

Aug. 22                        New Caledonia


Amy’s US Tour: (to be announced)

Sept. - Oct. IBMA's in Raleigh, North Carolina and Nashville

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