DJ's in Europe Love Amy Ames

"3 Boyfriends" has already been in the Hotdisc Most Popular Tracks Chart as voted for by the most influential DJs in Europe and some even further afield. Only the elite tracks from the recent Hotdiscs deemed good enough by the DJs get into this chart on merit so this is a great achievement. 

The ratings are marked as follows...

10 Excellent; 9 Very Good Indeed; 8 Very Good; 7 Impressive; 6 Good; 5 Average; 4 Fair; 3 Below Average; 2 Disappointing; 1 Poor.

Rita Blackburn, Radio Star, Ireland Excellent  10 Yes

Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria Interesting voice, excellent song 10 Yes

Alex Pijnen, Zuidwest Radio, Holland Excellent fun track 10 Yes

Abel Stel, Radio Nashville, Holland Fabulous 10 Yes

June Williams, KHBW Radio, USA Great track 10 Yes

Barry Gower, Coast FM Radio, Australia  9 Yes

Myriam Pardaens, Cool FM, Belgium  9 Yes

Peter Hills, Radio Waves, France This is very good 8 Yes

Ros Ray, Forest FM, UK Good lyrics to this one 8 Yes

Al Field, Shoalhaven FM Radio, Australia Amy aims to please  8 Yes

Bjarne Hessellbjerggaard, Radio Sindal, Denmark Really enjoyed the song 8 Yes

Jackie Blair, Country Music & Dance Magazine, UK  8

Etienne Etienne, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium Nice voice, great performance 8 Yes

Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz, Germany  8 Yes

Rouch Petur, Faroya Radio, Faroe Isles Her best yet 8 Yes

Maurice Needham, Live DJ, UK  8 Yes

Stuart Cameron, CMR Nashville Radio, UK I liked the quirkiness of this -- clever lyrics and a nice twist 7 Yes 

Alan Potter, Tempo FM Radio, UK Good writer and singer 7 Yes

Gordon Davies, Radio Harron, UK One of her best 7 Yes

Arno Bierings, Eagle Radio, Holland  7 Yes

John Staff, Mid Downs Radio, UK Good track but this isn't the big record which she is capable of. It won't be long before she nails the right song and the right performance. Keep searching -- it won't be long now 6 Yes

Ian Ashcroft, Linedance DJ, UK Distinctive voice, like it 6 Yes

YesSean Green, Shine FM, Ireland Impressive song 7 Yes

Martin Van der Laan, Radio Compagnie, Holland  7 Yes

YesLucien Boes, VRW Radio, Belgium Good song and talented singer 7 Yes

Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK Ok 7 Yes

Michael Haiselden, SLKO Radio, UK Not too bad 7 Yes 

Maurice Hope, Rock n Reel Magazine, UK Ames' shuffling country sound is aided by fiddle and an all-round production, quirky lyrics and harmonies brings something of a unique quality  7

Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK  6 Yes

YesJohn Bjoersvik, Radio Sotra, Norway  6 Yes

Brian Lewis, Hobart FM, Tasmania Clear voice, good beat, different subject 6 Yes

Eddie Ford, Phoenix FM, Australia  7 Yes

Ted Munslow, Live DJ, UK  7 Yes

David Miller, Puketapu Radio, New Zealand  7 Yes

Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK  6 Gerd Stassen, EVW Radio, Germany  8 Yes

Michael Schroeter, Radio Herford, Germany  7

Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK  6

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