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E-Mails from Leaders:


Hi Amy,
Paul Cimins commented on his link.
Paul wrote: "Thank You So Much Amy I want to get your new song on our show for the Holidays I think it's wonderful.Your An Extremely Talented Country Singer."

Thank you for including us! I have forwarded your email to all of our SC
autism email lists. Hopefully that will generate some calls in to more
local radio stations!

Susan Leiby
Special Events Coordinator, Strides for Autism
Project Coordinator, "All Are Welcome"
South Carolina Autism Society

I have sent out emails to all of the applicable stations here in Hawaii.  We actually have a talk scheduled with a radio station this Sunday the 6th at 9 PST, not a mainstream one, more of a talk show but we will definitely bring it up.  We would love it if we could get a station here to promote autism during the holidays as well.  ………..Jessica Wong-Sumida

I graduated high school with a guy that works for KIII TV in a non t.v. capacity in Corpus.  I will see what contacts he might have and see if we can help get your songs played.  I am also following Monte from the radio station C101 (Rock-n-roll station) in Corpus.  I will direct message him on twitter and see if he has any contacts as well as spread the word on facebook and twitter.  My oldest sister and her family actually live down in McAllen so I will see if she knows of anyone down there involved with any of the stations…….. Robert Hutchins......Southern Texas

I am posting your email below on the Autism Society of America – Dayton Chapter” website and will also send the information out via our email distribution list which contains approximately 2300 emails.........Kelli Cook, Region 10 - State Support Team

We will send this out in our enewsletter to let people across Iowa know.  Thanks for sending it to us......Kris Steinmetz  Autism Society of Iowa

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