Santa's Littlest Elf has Autism goes Gobal

The song, “Santa’s Littlest Elf has Autism,” by Amy Ames and James Martinez will be going out to over 2,600 radio stations around the world.  Amy is on a mission to raise monies for local Autism/Asperger’s groups with CD sales and radio airplays of the song.

Kacey Jones from Radio Mavens will do a special Christmas promotion to include 6 weeks of promotion between Nov. 21st and Dec. 25th.  She will also send out two e-flyer/press releases to the entire database (of all genres of music) which numbers over 10,000.      

Then Airplay Specialists will call 300 of the 2,600 stations that received the song, “Santa’s Littlest Elf (has Autism) on CDX 535, Song Number 20, beginning Nov. 28th until Dec. 23rd.  There will be some radio stations in your area that will not get called, but will receive the song on CDX535. 

I’m asking if you can get out the message that some of the radio stations in your area will get the CD, but not be told about the song.  If radio stations get calls from their listeners explaining that the message of the song is to promote Autism, they may be inspired to play it.  Also, if listeners call in and request the song to be played, they will play it. 

Please relay the message to have friends, family and parents of Autistic children call the radio stations and request the song, “Santa’s Littlest Elf has Autism.”

To view the song, “Santa’s Littlest Elf has Autism,” on YouTube go to:

This Christmas the story about “Santa’s Littlest Elf has Autism” is going around the world bringing awareness of Autism for the holidays.  My son and I would really appreciate your help in getting out the message. 

Thank you,

Amy Ames and James

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