Terneuzen FM - Live! Brings 25,000 Listeners to Amy's Site

Terneuzen FM - Live! brought 25,000 listeners to Amy Ames' web page after playing her song, "No Beer Here."  

Rudy Minnaert, radio host, does the weekly country show "The Free Country Eagle" at Terneuzen FM the local radio station forthe city of Terneuzen in the Netherlands.  He launched the show 8 years ago as a hobby and still to this day does not get paid for it.  However, Rudy's passion for country music and aggressive search and research of new talent soon brought in listeners from other surrounding countries.  

In October Amy Ames was featured as "Album of the Month."  Ames has a Usage Statistics Tracker on her website, www.amyames.com generated by Webalizer Version 2.01.  Stats from hundreds of listeners from over 11 countries soon followed after the playing of Amy's latest CD, "Do Drop In."  
Then in November, Rudy started playing songs from Amy's previous CD self titled, "Amy Ames."  After playing Ames' song, "No Beer Here," over 25,000 hits came into Amy's site from 47 different countries.
Listen now at:  http://www.terneuzenfm.nl/index.php/live


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